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Trianium’s magnetic dashboard mount

The metal plate on the back of your iPhone may interfere with wireless charging capabilities. To solve this problem, you can use this magnetic car mount, which has four heavy-duty magnets, a smooth rubber magnetic pad, and a 3M adhesive sticker. It keeps your phone stable while you drive. The magnetic car mount is also available in black, red, or blue, depending on your preference. For wireless charging, you can remove the metal plate before using the magnetic car mount.

The universal magnetic holder holds any smartphone – Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and Microsoft devices. Its base stays fixed to the dashboard, and will not slide around or obstruct the windshield or air vents. It’s a safe, dependable way to keep your iPhone safe and secure while driving. And the Trianium magnetic mount has four magnets built into the base. Unlike the suction cup, this mount is easy to install and remove.

The magnetic car mount is compatible with the latest smartphone models. Compatible with the iPhone 13, 11/SE/Xs Max, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20, it also works with LG and Oneplus phones. Trianium’s magnetic dashboard mount for iPhone uses 3M VHB adhesive tape to secure the phone in place. It adheres to most flat surfaces, but isn’t compatible with curved dashboards. So, if you want to use it in your car, it’s worth getting.

Besides the magnetic car mount, this accessory is as important as a cellphone signal booster. Depending on the device you want to attach it to, you can buy a magnetic case or an adhesive magnetic accessory. But what’s even better is that it’s extremely affordable. The Trianium magnetic dashboard mount for iPhone is incredibly simple to use and can be stuck to a non-leather dashboard. It comes with a second mount should the adhesive strip fail.

For the most luxurious look, try the Bestrix Magnetic Car Mount. It is made with top-quality materials that won’t harm your phone. The mounting arm is adjustable, so it doesn’t block charging ports. You don’t need to install it yourself; all you need to do is remove the air from underneath the suction cup and your iPhone will be securely mounted in your car! This magnetic car mount will make your journey safer, easier, and more convenient.

While other mounts can be attached to the car’s dashboard, this one has the added benefit of eliminating the metal plate. Because of this, you can use wireless charging without having to remove the magnets. This mount also offers a 360-degree rotation, which means you can watch movies, play games, or listen to music while driving. Using the magnetic dashboard mount is extremely simple and inexpensive. If you don’t mind removing your phone from your car dashboard, you should try it out.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount

The iOttie Easy One-Touch 4 CD Slot Mount is a compact smartphone mounting solution. The Easy One-Touch mechanism makes mounting and removing your smartphone simple. Simply insert your smartphone into the CD slot and adjust the cradle to fit your device. Once mounted, you can easily remove the smartphone and store it in a different location.

It is easy to install and remove your phone with this mount. Unlike other phone holders, it can be removed quickly without having to unscrew the phone. The cradle’s locking lever and foot can be adjusted to fit a variety of phone sizes. You can even use this cradle in portrait or landscape mode. It is sold with a two-year warranty.

The Easy One-Touch 4 CD Slot Mount is incredibly easy to install. The iOttie Easy One-Touch mount fits into an empty CD player slot and doesn’t block the air vent. It’s also competitively priced and won’t affect your car’s interior appearance. Whether you use it in a car or in a plane, it won’t interfere with your vision.

The iOttie Easy One-Touch 4 CD Slot Mount for iPhone is designed to be mounted in your car. It provides seamless wireless charging and can accommodate larger devices. The mount’s stylish design complements your Handset and reflects the modern sleek look of recent smartphones. With this product, you can safely read your directions while your iPhone charges. And you can be confident that your phone will be protected while it’s charging.

Yosh YOSH air-vent mounted holder

The Yosh air vent mounted holder for iPhone is a simple design that slots into the space between the blades of an air vent. The Yosh is compatible with both iPhone and iPad models. This model is compatible with horizontal vents. The YOSH magnetic phone holder also works with Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Nexus, GPS and more. It requires a metal plate for mounting.

The YOSH car phone holder features four N50 magnets that securely hold your phone or GPS device. This environmentally friendly holder is very easy to install. Simply press the sticky tab on the metal plate and slide the phone holder into place. After that, it’s as easy as plugging your phone in. It’s easy and secure! A powerful quadra nickel plated magnet holds it in place, and is also environmentally friendly.

The YOSH air vent mounted holder works with your iPhone. It slides easily into the air vent and has magnets to hold your phone in place. It is black and soft to touch, yet firm. It only works with portrait mode. Although it’s not the most convenient iPhone holder on the market, it’s worth the money. It’s sturdy and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The cheap versions don’t fit in your car’s air vent. While you can find cheap alternatives, they tend to be flimsy and can damage your phone. The YOSH Car Phone Mount Holder attaches to an air vent in your car. It requires you to put a magnetic sticker on your phone. However, this device does a decent job, so you can rest easy in your car.

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