Destiny 2 Forsaken Masterwork Core Guide

If you’re looking to upgrade your weapons, armor, or relic, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you where to obtain these rare materials. These materials can be obtained from various quests and reward you with random perks. It’s also very important to keep in mind that these items can be dupes of existing armour.


In the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion, Masterwork Cores are orange-hued shards that can be used to create new Masterworks. Unfortunately, these shards are extremely difficult to come by. The best method for getting them is to use the Mercury planetary resource.

If you want to upgrade a Legendary Weapon to a Masterwork Weapon, you will need at least 10 Masterwork Cores. The more you have, the easier the upgrade will be. You can get Masterwork Cores by dismantling a Legendary Weapon and using its components to make a Masterwork Weapon. This method is great for solo players, as it can give you a lot of Masterwork Weapons.

Masterwork weapons also offer a variety of bonuses and additional features. They unlock a new column in the weapon Perks system, and they also give you a random property bonus. Additionally, masterwork weapons can be modified with special mods that increase their combat abilities. While these weapons are expensive, they are well worth the investment.

Masterworked weapons also give players an increased chance of generating Orbs of Light when multi-killing. These Orbs are very powerful and can supercharge your Super. You can also use these Orbs to gain additional stat bonuses. Masterworked weapons also grant you the chance to reroll all your stats.

There are several ways to get Masterwork Cores in the game. One of the most effective ways is to level up your Gunsmith rank. Gunsmith packages contain guns and gear, and when you have a weapon with a Tier 4 Masterwork, you can dismantle it and get a Masterwork Core for it. All other weapons and equipment drop Gunsmith Materials that you can use to upgrade your weapon to a Masterwork.


There are a few ways to get Enhancement Cores for your armor. One of them is by dismantling Legendary Gear. This means that you can use them to enhance your gear. The higher tier the gear is, the more Enhancement Cores you’ll receive. Another way is to farm ghost shells. These will give you a number of Enhancement Cores that you can use to upgrade your armor.

First, you need to have a partially folded alloy bar. This will appear in your inventory and can be dropped or stored. It will show your progress each time you fold it. This process will take 60 game ticks and will give you a fully-lined piece of armor. During the process, you must use masterwork rivets to rivet the two pieces together.

Secondly, you can trade your armour. This means that you can trade your old armor for better quality ones. If your armour is fully repaired, it can be used for a hundred thousand charges of combat. However, once it is fully degraded, you cannot trade it. Besides, you’ll lose 20% of its charge.

Finally, you can upgrade your Masterwork Armor by using legendary engrams. These engrams can decrypt into Masterwork Armor. These armor items will increase your damage resistance, but they will also increase your Resilience and Mobility. You’ll need 5 Masterwork Cores and twenty Legendary Shards to upgrade them. This is a very effective method, but beware, the rewards may not be as high as you think.

You can use your Masterwork equipment to upgrade it into trimmed armor. This type of armor is equivalent to tier 92 power armour. It is made by combining the parts of the uncut masterwork with the materials of the Masterwork. As you level, the cost of boosting Energy increases as well. If you plan on using your Masterwork Armor to level up, make sure you have a complete set of elder rune equipment and you’ll have a much better chance of getting it.


A masterwork core is a kind of upgrade in the game World of Warcraft. It is obtained by dismantling Masterwork weapons and completing Scrapper bounties. It will reroll the stats of a Masterworked weapon and cost 10 Enhancement Cores to complete. It will also let you obtain a number of enhancement prisms. These enhancement prisms can then be used at the Relic on Mars to improve the stats of your weapons.

First, players must claim the Antiquarian 1 challenge. This challenge furthers the storyline of the game by providing more artifacts for players to use. In addition, players will receive weekly Repute, which is useful for upgrading the vendor page on their Star Chart. However, players should note that claiming this relic can be extremely difficult.

Once you have received the Relic, you must craft a weapon using it. This process is known as “shaping.” To craft a weapon, you need Neutral Elements, Resonant Alloy, and Glimmer currency. Then, you must choose the patterns you want and spend Resonant Alloy or Resonant Elements on them.

Masterwork Cores are essential for increasing your Power level, but obtaining them can be difficult for new players. Fortunately, there are a number of sources you can use to get Masterwork Cores for your weapons and gear. These rare items can help you infuse your gear with new abilities and raise your weapons. In order to obtain these rare and valuable items, players will need a large supply of Masterwork Cores.


Masterwork Cores are materials that are used in masterworking and infusion of Legendary weapons. Most players will get around 20 to 25 planetary materials and legendary shards from one infusion, which isn’t much, but it’s enough for the most part. Even if you don’t have that many, masterworking with these materials is still highly beneficial. However, they are not a must-have, and you should only use them for the most important purposes.

In order to earn a Masterwork Core, you should first become a Gunsmith. You can get Gunsmith Materials by dismantling guns with Tier 4 and higher Masterworks. Once you have collected 100 Gunsmith Materials, you can give them to Banshee-44 for a Masterwork Core.

Another method of farming Enhancement Cores is to participate in Hero Nightfalls. These activities are rewarded with reputation and will increase your rank. When you do an activity, you’ll earn rewards ranging from cosmetics to Masterwork materials. Enhancement Cores are the most common Masterwork materials in the game. Depending on the level of your character, you can earn up to three Enhancement Cores a season. However, you can reset your reputation to get six Enhancement Cores in a single reset.

Getting a masterwork core

If you’re a gamer, you know the difficulties of obtaining masterwork cores. You can either get them through dismantling legendary items or buy them for an exorbitant price from the Spider. In the old days, masterwork cores were required for legendary items to gain infusion and increase their power level. But this system has changed. Now, you must collect and use them to enhance your gear, which can cause issues for players who don’t have many.

You need at least ten Masterwork Cores to upgrade your legendary weapon to a Masterwork variant. Having more than ten will make the process easier. The best way to obtain these materials is by dismantling your current Masterwork Weapon, which gives you a Masterwork Core and Legendary Shards.

You’ll need ten Legendary Shards to acquire a Masterwork Core, but the cost will increase with each level. In Destiny 2, you can use Masterwork Cores to upgrade your armor and weapons to the Masterwork class. In the first two expansions, you can upgrade your armor and weapons to a Masterwork class, but the process changed in Forsaken. Now, you must gather Masterwork Cores in order to upgrade your armor and weapons to the Masterworks class.

Another way to earn Enhancement Cores is to complete Hero Nightfalls. These events are the most effective way to farm Enhancement Cores, as they require little time to complete. Also, be sure to kill Champions with higher tier weapons to maximize your rewards. You can also dismantle higher tier weapons to gain additional enchantment cores. Masterwork weapons can have up to seven Enhancement cores.

Masterwork Cores are important for the endgame in Destiny 2. These powerful weapons can be obtained through the Masterwork mode, but these weapons are not easy to obtain. They can be purchased from the vendor Spider with Legendary Shards. You can also obtain them through dismantling high level gear, Year 1 items, or Legendaries.

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