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Whether you’re into the dreamy ninja genre, or prefer a smooth, jazzy beat, there is something out there for you. You can find a wide variety of genres on Spotify. There are also hundreds of artists to choose from. Some of the most popular in this genre include Ninja Tune, Dream SMP, Glass Animals, and Alec Benjamin.

Dream SMP

Dream SMP is a genre of electronic music. Its popularity is primarily based on its catchy and fast-paced beats. This genre is not just for the young. People from all over the world like this type of music. It has a unique sound that is hard to describe.

The artists in the Dream SMP genre include CG5, Willbur Soot, Lovejoy, Derivakat, Tubbo, and Alec Benjamin. Many of these artists are gaining popularity in the electronic genre and have appeared on various Spotify user lists. Despite its popularity, many people dismiss the genre as an overrated fad.

Although the genre is not officially associated with Spotify, many of the artists in Dream SMP have released tracks on the platform. These artists are known as the “Dream SMP” players and have spawned a number of tribute albums and tracks. Fans of the genre may want to check out these songs and try to recreate the experience for themselves.

This genre was created by YouTubers Dream and GeorgeNotFound and was initially intended to be a small server for a few friends. However, its popularity exploded after the COVID-19 pandemic. It also features fellow YouTubers TommyInnit and Sapnap, who star in the game. Dream SMP also features lengthy battles between the characters over rare artifacts.

Ninja Tune

Ninja Tune is an independent record label based in London with a satellite office in Los Angeles. The label was founded by Coldcut’s Matt Black and Jonathan More and has released a number of artists on its label. It also distributes music from other labels. While the company is based in London, it has several outlets worldwide, including iTunes.

In addition to its acclaimed records, Ninja Tune also hosts podcasts. They feature interviews with Ninja Tune artists, as well as music from other labels. They have interviewed artists like Bicep, Bonobo, and The Bug. Some of their guests have been artists from outside the label, including Stealth, Ed O’s Radiohead, and Kiki Hitomi.

The band has signed a deal with video game developers Square Enix and United Front Games to feature their songs in the game. The result was an in-game radio station in the game Sleeping Dogs, which featured select Ninja Tune artists and tracks. The station features 18 tracks in total.

Ninja Tune’s catalog of music combines funk, jazz, and hip hop sounds. The band’s sound is unique and rooted in a tradition of electronic music. In the 1990s, Ninja’s sound has expanded with jazz and dub influences.

Glass Animals

Glass Animals, a British band, recently became the first British band to top the daily global Spotify charts. Their song, “Heat Waves,” debuted in June 2020, and soon entered the UK chart, breaking into the Top 40 in February and hitting the Top 5 by October 2021.

The genre is an odd one. It lumps artists like Lemon Demon and Glass Animals together into the “Dream SMP” category, and is not really unified around any idea. The genre essentially ignores Minecraft fans, who are largely irrelevant in this case.

Alec Benjamin

If there’s one artist that isn’t yet an international superstar, it’s American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin. Born in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Benjamin is known for songs such as End of the Summer and Paper Crown. He’s also collaborated with Jon Bellion on a track titled “New York Soul Pt. 2”. He was raised in a Christian household and believes in Christianity.

As a result, Spotify lumped artists like Alec Benjamin into its Dream SMP genre. This decision was made by Spotify to appeal to teens. Unfortunately, the genre’s name is misleading, since there are several artists who are considered “Dream SMP” by Spotify.

Lemon Demon

Lemon Demon is an American band that has been active since 2003. The group is named after its founder Neil Cicierega, who is also a musician and comedian. He performs most of the band’s music himself, although a full band is assembled for live performances. Before creating the band, Cicierega released instrumental music and remixes of video game tunes.

Spotify’s inclusion of Lemon Demon in the ‘Dream SMP’ genre is not only inaccurate, it is also misguided. Its members largely lack any sort of cohesive vision that enables them to be grouped into a single genre. Rather, Spotify lumped these artists into one category, presumably in an effort to appeal to a younger audience.


You’re probably wondering what Lovejoy is all about. The band is an indie rock band from the United Kingdom. Their music has been described as experimental and electronic. The band is not affiliated with DSMP, but it does have a similar sound. The lead vocalist is Wilbur Soot.

The genre is similar to the music that’s available on the streaming service. It’s a kind of dream pop. The genre is meant to appeal to teens and young adults. Lovejoy, Derivakat, Tubbo, Corpse, and Alec Benjamin are some of the artists from the genre. Some of them have even received criticism for their graphic design.

You can find Dream SMP tracks and compilations on Spotify, which are designed for people who are into this genre. Some of these artists are very popular on the streaming service. While these artists are not officially linked to Spotify, their music is linked to titles and Playlists. Some also have their own bespoke songs.

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