How to Blur Background on iPhone X

Whether you’re shooting a portrait or landscape photo, you’ll likely wonder how to blur the background on your iPhone X. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to blur the background on your iPhone. One way is through your Photos app. Once inside, tap the Depth Control slider and move it to the desired level to achieve the blurred look you’re after. In addition, you can blur the background without using Portrait mode by simply getting closer to the subject. This will trick the iPhone into thinking that there is a shallow depth of field, reducing the focus area.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is a great app that combines several photo editing functions into one. It is free to download and offers numerous features, including watermark removal, unlimited object removal, and a new monthly premium content. This app will improve your photos and make them look great. It will also blur background in portrait photos and let you create collages.

To blur the background of an iPhone image, you need to position your subject properly. The newer iPhones have Portrait Mode, which blurs the background to give the photo a studio-quality look. You can also use a photo editing app, like YouCam Perfect, to adjust the blur effect. The Blur tool is located in the Tools menu and allows you to choose the shape of the blur.

Another great feature of YouCam Perfect is the ability to shoot Vines. These videos are easily shared on social media platforms. YouCam Perfect also offers a variety of shooting modes and filters. For example, you can make your selfies look more appealing by adding a blush, painting eyes, or contouring.


One of the features of the free photo editing application Snapseed is the ability to blur the background of an image. This feature helps simplify the scene by drawing the viewer’s attention to the subject. However, blurring the background is not always as effective as one might think. Depending on the photo, the effect may not turn out as desired. However, with a little practice, users can get better at blurring the background of their images.

The first step in the process is to open the Snapseed app. Then, choose the photo that you would like to blur. If you are taking a photo of a person, select ‘Portrait’ mode. If you want to blur the background, move closer to the subject. By moving closer to the subject, you can blur the background by triggering Auto Focus.

If you have an older iPhone, you can also use this method to blur the background. For best results, try taking a picture with a subject that is at least 4 feet away from you. Then, tap the subject to get the best focus and then press the shutter button.

You can also use the app to edit your photographs. The app has an option to open your photo library and select the one you want to edit. After you have chosen the photo, you can move the “Lens Blur” tool to the bottom of the screen. This feature lets you blur the background of an image without changing its composition.

Using the transition effect in Snapseed is another way to blur the background. It allows you to choose whether the blur will be linear or elliptical. This method will make a gradual transition from the subject to the background.


If you’re interested in learning how to blur background on iPhone X photos, Fotor is a great tool for this purpose. The app lets you edit your photos quickly and easily by importing an image and applying the desired blur effect. It also lets you preview and capture live depth of field data. It will keep your subject sharp while blurring the background. It also lets you control the intensity of the blur.

The free version of Fotor comes with some basic editing tools, but you can also purchase additional effects. For example, you can use a sticker for different seasons or create your own focusing tool. By selecting this tool, you can blur the background of an image except for the focal point. You can place the focus tool on a circle, oval, or bar shape. You can also control the blur level with the Focus tool.

There are also several other free options for blurring the background on iPhone X photos. For example, you can use Fotor to blur the background of your iPhone photos. The app works by using the built-in camera and other settings to enhance the photo’s impact. You can use it to improve your photos for free or pay for a monthly subscription. It’s also compatible with Android.

Using the app to blur background on iPhone X photos is easy. After installing the app, you can follow the instructions on the screen to use it. Simply open the app, choose the image, and select “Portrait Mode”. Then, you can adjust the intensity of the light effect. After you’ve done that, tap “Done” to save the changes. The blurred background will be restored after you’re done editing the picture.

Natural Light label

There are several ways to blur the background of a photograph on the iPhone. One method is to focus your camera on a subject that is close to the background. The camera will try to focus on this subject, but the rest of the photo will be blurred. Luckily, most subjects can be changed after you’ve taken the picture.

Another method is to use Portrait mode. This is especially useful for scenes where the background is distracting from the subject. The blurring will make your subject pop out more. This method is available on all newer iPhone models, including the iPhone X and XS Max.

Blurring the background on your iPhone can make your picture look more attractive and professional. However, not everyone has professional-level photography skills, so blurring pictures on the iPhone can be a difficult process. However, with a little practice, you can master this trick to create a photo that you’ll be proud of.

The first step in this process is to download the Blur Photo Effect Background app. Once downloaded, open it on your iPhone. Next, select a photo and tap on the lens blur icon. You’ll then be given the option to choose whether to blur the entire photo or only part of it. You can adjust the strength and brightness of the blurring effect.

Another method of blurring the background on an iPhone x is to use Portrait mode. This mode uses dual cameras to capture portraits. This mode is the most straightforward and most effective way to blur the background on an iPhone X. The results will be stunning and require no post-processing.

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