How to Create Groups on iPhone 6

If you’re wondering how to create groups on iPhone 6, you’ve come to the right place. You can create groups in your Contacts, Messages, and iCloud accounts. To start, open the Contacts app, tap the More icon, and then select the Groups option. Then, enter the contact information and body of the message. When creating a group, you can also add emoji characters and emojis. If you don’t want to receive unwanted notifications, you can mute the group message.

Messages app

If you’ve ever wanted to share messages with several people at once, you might be wondering how to create groups on iPhone 6. First, you need to open the Messages app. Then, select the conversation tab. Next, type in the names of the people you want to share messages with. This is fine if you only want to share messages with a few people, but it can get tedious if you want to share messages with many people.

Groups are similar to contacts in Outlook. When you create a new contact group, the contact’s name will appear in the Messages app as a group. You can also add several contacts to a group by command-clicking them. Once you have all the groups created, you can use the Group feature to send messages to multiple people at once.

You can add as many group members as you need. You can create groups with up to 100 people. However, it’s best to remember that a group message will send as a group MMS or an iMessage. You may be charged for sending MMS messages, so check with your carrier for details.

Groups are an excellent way to stay organized when communicating with others. The groups feature makes it easy to find and reply to messages. With groups, you can also add pictures, GIFs, and location to your conversations. You can even add predefined text messages. This way, you won’t have to manually type the name of each person in the group.

You can also create groups using iCloud on your computer. To do so, go to the Contacts app and click the “+” button on the bottom left. Then, select “Groups” from the list of contacts. Choose the groups you wish to add to your list and click Done. Once you’re done, iCloud will automatically sync your group and contact list. You can also restore deleted groups and contacts through iCloud.

Once you’ve created your group, you can add others and remove yourself from the group. You can also rename a group if you’d like. You can do this from within the conversation.


Groups are useful for organizing your contacts and messages. You can use them in the Messages app, the Mail app, and in the Contacts app. Groups can be added or removed from your iCloud account, and you can even customize the symbol that shows up in the contact list.

To create groups, you must first sign into your iCloud account. Then, go to Contacts and tap the “+” button at the bottom left corner. Next, type a name for your group and press Enter or Return. After this, you should see a list of all your contacts. Drag them into the desired group.

Alternatively, you can import vCards and add contacts to the groups. This will enable you to manage your contacts without the need to worry about deleting any contacts. You can also create a group for each contact. Afterwards, you can delete a group or add contacts from different accounts.

Once you’ve created your groups, you can use them to manage your contacts. It is easy to add contacts to a group, and you can also remove people from a group if needed. Just remember to sync your contacts with iCloud before you add a new group to your contacts.

You can also delete groups on your iPhone. The first step is to sign into your iCloud account. Then, you can access your contacts in the Contacts app. This way, you can remove individual contacts without losing their information. If you wish, you can add more groups as necessary.

Creating groups on your iPhone will enable you to filter your contacts by group. To delete multiple contacts at once, you can simply untick the relevant box. You can also delete double contacts by clicking “Delete”. The trick does not delete the contacts, but it removes their associations with each other.

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