How to Get Alakazite in Pokemon Go

There are several ways to get Alakazite in Pokemon Go. Some are found in particular places and some can be traded. If you have Alakazam, you can Mega Evolve it into Kadabra, Abra, or another Pokemon. You can also trade your Alakazam to another player and get it back again. However, the easiest way to get Alakazite is to beat the game. You can get your tickets from the Professor in Lumiose City. After you have received them, you can enter Kiloude City. After you have arrived, you must scan your ticket at an orange ticket scanner.


If you are looking for locations to get Alakazite, you have come to the right place. You can find this stone in two places in the game. In the first location, you will need to go to the south part of the Reflecting Cave. To do this, you will have to enter a hidden room, and the stone is sitting in the middle of a beam of light.


Alakazite is a Mega Stone that is found in Pokemon X and Y. It evolves into Mega Alakazam, which is a powerful elemental Pokemon. To obtain this stone, you will need to complete the Competitive Stage during Week 11 of the event rotation. It is found in B3F of the Reflection Cave, or in a secret passageway on B2F.

To get Alakazite, you will need to have a Mega Ring upgraded between 8 PM and 9 PM. This will be necessary because you will have to equip it to Alakazam. Alakazite is the only mega stone that appears only in the sun/moon zone. In addition, you will need to use the Mega Ring between 8 PM and 9 PM in order to receive its benefits.

Alakazam’s movepool is extensive, making it a solid choice for a wide range of roles. In particular, it has a range of fast moves and coverage moves. Some of the most useful moves are Psycho Cut and Fire Punch. These are excellent for quick energy gains and baiting shields. The last move, Shadow Ball, is a great choice if you want to cover neutral or surprise types.


There are several ways to use Alakazam, but one of the most effective is focusing on its Psychic move, which does a significant amount of damage to neutral targets. Another excellent move to use with Alakazam is Shadow Ball, which can provide coverage. This move can also be used against Mega Scizor, which is an excellent choice for this tank. Hidden Power Fire and Hidden Power Ice are also excellent choices if you want to OHKO certain types, including Garchomp, Gliscor, and Landorus-T. If you want to be a little more aggressive, you can use Focus Blast and Life Orb.

The final way to get Alakazite is to use the X or Y version of a Psychic type of Pokemon. You can use Tyranitarite in Pokemon X, and you can use Aggronite if you’re using Pokemon Y. To do so, you’ll need to descend into the Reflecting Cave’s basement and find a hidden room that leads south. In this room, you’ll find a large patch of light. In the middle of this patch of light, you’ll find Alakazite.

Competitive stage

If you’re one of the top players in the world, there’s a new competitive stage you can play for Alakazite. This stage will give you more than just Level Ups. You’ll also be able to get Mega Speedups, Max Levels, and Alakazite!

The first step to getting Alakazam on Competitive is to build defensively. Its mediocre defense can make it vulnerable to bulkier teams, so you need to protect yourself with defensive Pokemon that can break through bulky Steel-types. A good way to do that is by pivoting Alakazam into a VoltTurn or a free switch. If you’re using a special attack, you can even use a Pokemon like Toxapex to break through the foe’s defenses. If the opponent has Choice Scarf, be sure to scout them out before you attack them. This way, you can heal yourself more quickly and focus on attacking your foe.

Mega Stone

The first question you may ask yourself is, “How do I get Alakazite Mega Stone?” There are a few different ways to get this rare gem. There are in-game sources, such as Mystery Gifts, and there are also places where you can buy Mega Stones. Those that come in the form of in-game sources can be purchased, but they aren’t the same as those you get in the form of download codes.

A Mega Stone is an item held by a Pokemon and gives that Pokemon stronger abilities. You can get Mega Stones from trading. You can also find them in the Oceanview Black Market. There are three traders there, who can trade them for other Mega Stones in your inventory. The only drawback to Mega Evolution is that you can only use it once per battle.

Once you complete the game’s main story, you can begin collecting Mega Stones. Then, you need to get at least two of them. One is found in the Medicham Mega Stone dungeon, the other is in Shabboneau Castle, and the last one is in the Unknown Cave near the Pokemon Village. The other two are in the Santalune Forest and Cyllage Gym.

A second way to get Alakazite Mega Stone is to catch an Alakazam. This Pokemon can be caught in Route 5 or during a Friend Safari. If you have an Alakazam, you can level it up to level 16. In addition, you can get the Absolite Mega Stone from the neighbor in Kiloude City. In addition to this, you can catch Riolu on Route 22 or Abomasnow in Route 17. Both of these Pokemon will evolve into Lucario. You can also catch Snover in Route 17 and level it up to level 40.

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