How to Get the Staff of Herding in Diablo 3

To get the staff of herding, you will need to spend 5,000 Gold to craft it at a blacksmith. Then, you must enter a hidden area to gain access to the staff of herding. Thankfully, there are several ways to get it. These include a Black Mushroom, Wirt’s Bell, Whimsyshire, and Haedrig.

Wirt’s Bell

The Wirt’s Bell is a unique item that you can purchase from a vendor in the Caldeum Bazaar. Unlike the other staff pieces, this item cannot be found randomly. You must spend a certain amount of gold to purchase it. Once you have enough gold, you can return to the vendor and buy a Wirt’s Bell.

In Diablo 3, the Wirt’s Bell is an Item Level of 1. The first step in acquiring it is to have a character level of 1 or above. On consoles, you can buy the bell for 100,000 gold. The Bell must be crafted using a plan, which is obtained from Leoric’s Shinbone, a rare item. Using this item will allow you to acquire a Staff of Herding, which is an essential piece of gear in the game.

You need to first find a Black Mushroom in the Cathedral Level. It doesn’t spawn every time, so you may have to go back to the Cathedral to make sure. You can also buy it from the Peddler in the Hidden Camp. This item can also be obtained from the Gibbering Gemstone, which can be obtained from Chiltara in Caverns of Frost.

The next step is to get a Staff of Herding in Diablo 3. This staff will grant you a Staff of Herding, which you will need to farm for materials. Once you’ve obtained this staff, you will be rewarded with the Wirt’s Bell and the In The Land Of Killer Unicorns achievement.

Black Mushroom

In Diablo III, there is a quest you can complete that will allow you to get the Staff of Herding. The quest requires you to obtain seven ingredients, which will be randomly spawned. You need to give these ingredients to a blacksmith in order to craft the Staff of Herding. The Staff of Herding does a moderate amount of damage, around three or four damage per hit.

First, you need the Black Mushroom. This can be found in the level one of the Cathedral, during the quest, The Legacy of Cain. You might have to run through this level several times before you find it, since it spawns randomly each time you start the game.

Next, you need the Wirt’s Bell and Gibbering Gemstone. To get these items, you need to be level one. Once you have them, you can proceed to the next step of making the Staff. You must also have the Black Mushroom, which you can get in the Cathedral Level 1 by pressing A.

The Staff of Herding is an essential item in Diablo 3. This item is very useful for farming. It will make it easier for you to hunt down monsters in Diablo 3. However, it’s best to get it as quickly as possible. The Staff of Herding can also be used to enter Whimsyshire. In addition to the Staff of Herding, it is also useful for getting the In The Land of Killer Unicorns achievement. You can also find it in Whimsyshire, which is a Secret Level. If you’re a Seasonal character, you’ll have to farm for materials, which will allow you to complete the Whimsyshire quest.

To obtain the Staff of Herding, you will need 150K gold and the right mats. The only other requirement is the Prime Evil quest. Once you complete the quest, you can get the recipe from Izual, who’s found before Diablo in Act IV.

If you’ve completed the quest, the next step is to find the Black Mushroom, which is spawned in a specific shape. The best place to find it is the bottom right corner of the map. If you’re playing in Adventure Mode, this will be much faster.


In Diablo 3, there is a secret level where you can obtain the Whisyshire staff of herding. To get it, you have to gather a set of five items first. These five items are recipes for the Staff of Herding. The plans can be found on the floor of Izual, the last boss of Act IV, on the Great Span between the first and second levels of The Silver Spire. It is also a part of the Prime Evil quest, which requires multiple fights.

To get the Staff of Herding, you must get a Blacksmith’s plan and five unique ingredients. These ingredients can be found in random places or on special monsters. After you have the ingredients, you can craft the Staff of Herding. This item is a crucial item in the Diablo 3 game. It is a rare item, and can be difficult to obtain, but it is worth the effort.

The Staff of Herding is an uncommon weapon that can be used to help herd cattle. Obtaining this item will grant you a great deal of power and protection. Using the staff will boost your strength and make it easier to fight the enemies in the area. You must have at least 50,000 gold and five ingredients.

The Whisyshire Staff of Herding is a key item to access Whimsyshire in Diablo III. This staff is an item with an item level of 1, which requires you to be at least level 1. It is also a great item for challenges and loot. The recipe can be found in Act 4’s final quest. You will also find chests and champions in Whimsyshire.

In Diablo III, there are two ways to obtain the Staff of Herding. You can either use the Rainbow Goblin, which is the easiest way to get this item, or you can get it from a Whimsyshire staff of herding. It is recommended to take a path that leads to the spawning of the staff of herding.

Getting the Staff of Herding in Diablo 3 is a secret level. It is also known as the cow and pony level. To get this item, you must gather five special ingredients and a Plan that teaches the Blacksmith how to craft it. Once you have them, you will be able to enter Whimsyshire and unlock several achievements.


To craft the Haedrig staff of herding, you must first collect the seven necessary ingredients in the first act of Diablo 3. While the ingredients may be spawned randomly, it may take several tries to find them all. After gathering these materials, take them to the Blacksmith and give him the plans for the Staff of Herding. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Staff of Herding is not very effective, and it only does three or four hits.

You must have a Black Mushroom, a Gibbering Gemstone, and a Plan to create a Staff of Herding. Once you have these items, you can train the Haedrig in the Staff of Herding. You can also get the Staff of Herding by completing the Shattered Crown quest. You should also have the required amount of gold to craft the Staff of Herding with a Blacksmith.

After crafting the Staff of Herding, you should head to the Cow King’s Ghost and enter the dungeon. You can also visit the Cow King’s Ghost near a mysterious red pit. Once you’ve got the Staff of Herding, click on it to begin dialogue with the ghost.

You can also use the Staff of Herding to access a secret level, Whimsyshire. However, you should be aware that you need to change your difficulty setting to Adventure Mode to be able to access Whimsyshire. It is also an extremely long quest line with virtually no benefits once it is complete.

The secret level is similar to the one in Diablo II. However, in Diablo 3, the process is a little bit more difficult. First, you must have completed the game on the difficulty level you want. Then, you can craft the staff with the help of the blacksmith, Haedrig. The difficulty level you choose should match the difficulty level you are playing on.

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