How to Make a WWE Ring at Home

Whether you’re a fan of WWE or just want to recreate the Inferno ring at home, it is easy to build a ring that looks and feels like the real thing. Using foam, steel beams, and wood planks, you can make your own custom ring in no time.

Mark Carpenter’s ‘inferno’ ring

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has owned the largest market share of all the wrestling organizations for almost two decades now. And the rings they use are built by a man who knows his craft, Mark Carpenter. Carpenter is the founder of MTJ Manufacturing in Connecticut, and over the past quarter century, he has made more than 50 different WWE rings.

The ring is built to support the action, and is surrounded by a series of steel steps. Unlike real steel steps, which would be difficult to lift, the steps are made of aluminum. This allows them to be lifted easily and only do minimal damage when used as weapons. Carpenter has worked with various WWE talent, including Kane, who was the first to compete in the ‘Inferno Match.’ Carpenter was able to build different types of poles so as to keep the fire from spreading to other parts of the ring.

Wooden planks

If you’re looking for a DIY project, one way to build a WWE ring is by making it from wooden planks. Wooden planks are slightly bouncy and will act as a protective barrier between the wrestlers and the ring mat. This will prevent the wrestlers from hitting each other and cause serious injuries.

To construct a wrestling ring, you will need wood planks that are two by eight inches in size. You’ll also need to fill the base with foam mattress pads that are about two to three inches thick. Alternatively, you can use plywood sheets to cover a 12×12 space, screwing them into place with a nail or screw. You can then cover the mat with a canvas or tarpaulin.

In order to build a WWE ring, you’ll need to use some of the same techniques that the professionals use. If you’re going to use the same techniques as the pros, it’s worth having an expert in metal construction. Carpenter has been building steel cages and other complex structures for years, and is familiar with the intricate details of building such structures.

The standard WWE ring is approximately twenty feet square. However, you may need to make slight adjustments based on the venue. For example, the venue in Times Square may require special accommodations. It’s also important to keep in mind that different venues will require slight changes to the ring’s size.


A wrestling ring is a sturdy and protective enclosure for matches. It is made from plywood, hard foams, and steel beams. It is elevated about four feet off the ground. It also features springs and a protective cover that protects the wrestler from being struck while in the ring.

A wrestling ring is a fun way to play tag team wrestling without breaking the bank. A wrestling ring is easy to make and can even be built in your backyard. You can build a ring for a low-budget event, and you can even create an adult ring with foam.

First, you’ll need to measure the size of the space you want to use. This can be done by leveling a backyard area. This will help you to determine the thickness of the foam. Once you have the measurements, you can cut out two sheets of foam and attach them together. The final step is to cover the foam with waterproof material.

Steel beams

A backyard wrestling ring can be built with the right supplies and tools. The ring should be flat and constructed on a soft surface. Soft ground will allow you to dig holes without tearing the grass. Avoid building your ring on grass, which will turn yellow and die. Wood pieces will run between the posts to create a wrestling mat.

Natural fibre ropes

One way to create a wrestling ring at home is to use natural fibre ropes. These are very strong, and they can be wrapped with coloured tape or twisted to create thick ropes. The ropes are joined at the four corners of the ring. The wrestlers use pads to protect their bodies.

In the early days of the sport, the WWE ring was 36 inches high above the mat, with the apron about a foot away from the ropes. The turnbuckles were placed between 12 and 18 inches from the ropes. In this era, there were a few female wrestlers who were highly regarded.

There are many types of fibre rope on the market. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Sisal, for example, is relatively inexpensive but durable. Manilla, which is made from hemp, is also very sturdy and is often used in stage rigging. Polypropylene, on the other hand, resists water but can be damaged easily by abrasion. It is also more resistant to heat and UV rays.

In addition to natural fibre ropes, you can also use synthetic ropes. These ropes are created by grouping several filaments together. The process is known as doubling. This method produces a rope with several plies, making it durable.

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