How to Play DVA Effectively in League of Legends

You’ve probably heard of the question of how to play D.Va effectively. This character is a great choice for the right circumstances, but there are several ways to make your game more successful. For example, you can pick your fights wisely and alternate between supporting your support and killing enemies with low HP. It’s very important to coordinate your actions to make the best use of your abilities.

Defense matrices

The first step in learning how to play defense matrices effectively is to understand the importance of the defensive stance and footwork. Defensive footwork allows the defender to maximize his speed and agility. This helps him react to the defender’s move quickly. The second step is to learn the fundamentals of sliding and closing out.

The new D.Va ability will allow her to play more aggressively. This new ability will make her vertically mobile and less dependent on the Defense Matrix. This ability will help her play aggressively versus heroes like Pharah. But be careful not to overdo it as she is prone to repositioning.

The main goal of a Defense Matrix is to protect your teammates while they are in the Matrix. During this time, your teammates cannot attack you. Using this ability effectively will save your teammates’ lives and keep you alive. It works best in bursts, so that you can absorb enemy projectiles while protecting your allies. You can also use your support allies to restore your health and reduce enemy damage.

Another key goal of Defense Matrix is to make the Overwatch community more safe. It is designed to reduce the number of people who use abusive or disruptive tactics. By enforcing the rules, it will help the Overwatch community be more secure and competitive. Blizzard will implement these new policies starting Oct. 4, and players should prepare themselves.


Micro-missiles can be a very useful weapon to use in DVA. When used properly, they can destroy enemies and deal significant damage in close range. However, you should be careful when using them against characters that are more offensive. To counter this, use your Defense Matrix, a visible matrix that blocks projectiles for three seconds. It can block long-ranged attacks, but won’t protect you from melee attacks.

When used properly, Micro Missiles can deal up to 126 damage and should only be used in close combat. When used properly, the Micro Missiles can also be used with Boosters, which will keep a minimum distance between you and your foe. Another way to effectively use Micro Missiles is to combine them with Fusion Cannons.

Micro Missiles can be very useful against Doomfist, but they can be very difficult to use effectively. You should try to sidestep the Rocket Punch, which is the main source of burst damage. Also, you can engage the Doomfist with your face turned away, so that his shotgun attacks can’t crit. Micro Missiles can also be used to force the enemy D.Va to waste their Matrix.

The most effective way to use Micro Missiles during Defense Matrix is to use them in the right timing. While you can use the basic attack when you use the Boosters, you should also use your bomb when you’re using Boosters. This will enable you to use your ultimate as soon as possible.

Fusion cannons

If you want to kill enemies, the most important strategy to use with your Fusion Cannons is to aim them at the closest target. Because the cannons have an extremely short effective range, you should avoid using them on targets more than 15 meters away. Instead, position yourself near your target, fire briefly, and then reposition yourself.

The Fusion Cannon is very similar to the BFG 9000 in the Doom franchise. This may be a homage to that franchise, which was a major influence on the development of the Turok series. The only major drawback of this weapon is its ammo capacity, which is very small. It holds two shots in normal conditions, but three if you have a backpack equipped. Because of this, you should avoid using your Fusion Cannon with Thunder unless you absolutely have to.

Aim Assist is another important factor when it comes to fusion rifles. If the bolts were randomly placed, they would be very inconsistent, especially out of close range. Fortunately, the first bolt is the most accurate, and all six following bolts are equally accurate. However, the range between the first and last bolt gets smaller as the bolts charge.

While it’s important to use the fusion cannon as often as possible, it’s also essential to use your other weapons effectively, too. Boosters have an extremely short cooldown, and you can use them to get close to your enemies. This can help you escape enemy abilities or push enemies off the map.


There are many ways to play D.Va in League of Legends, but you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. One of the best ways is to play in the lane. This allows you to place your D.Va in a good location where you can protect your support and then eliminate enemies with low health. When playing this role, you should be able to pick your fights very well, so make sure that you position yourself to be as effective as possible.

Whether you play solo or pair up with Tracer, D.Va can make a great tank. Using her Blinks, she can get kills, and she can also protect Tracer. Similarly, Lucio can join the fight and add healing to the team. This makes Lucio one of the best Supports to pair with D.Va, and the combination of Tracer and Lucio will guarantee success.

D.Va’s self-destruct can be a great way to obliterate the enemy team. If used correctly, it can lead to a triple or mass kill. Many inexperienced players will just wander around randomly, but experienced D.Va players will wait for a good opportunity to use this ability. Using it wisely can also help keep the enemy from destroying the team.

Use boosters wisely to take advantage of the massive mobility that D.Va enjoys. You can use it to flank the enemy and break enemy defenses. You can also use boosters to jump into enemy positions and overwhelm enemies in a 2v1 firefight.


If you want to play DVA effectively with reaper, you should focus on using Wraith Form. This ability will give you immunity to all damage and crowd control, as well as boost your movement speed. This is a great way to escape danger and close gaps. The main goal is to use Wraith Form for as long as possible, but you also need to know when to use it, so you can capitalize on it when needed.

Unlike other heroes, Reaper is easier to play into than most heroes. As a result, he can hit the full 220 DPS even if slows down while firing, whereas Reaper can hit with the same amount of damage. Since most players with play with about 30% accuracy and only 130 DPS, Reaper destroys the by healing off all of the damage he takes.

While Reaper can do a lot of damage on close range targets, his damage falls off greatly when attacking from long or mid range. Therefore, he’s best used when fighting targets that don’t have much movement, such as Reinhardt, Zenyatta, or Doomfist.

Reaper is an effective support for Orisa. Her ultimate can pull enemies inward and make them easier for her to kill. When Orisa is close to Reaper, she can use her spear to hit opponents. The reaper can also use her death blossom to clean up stragglers.


If you’re looking for tips on how to play D.Va effectively, there are several tips you can use to ensure victory in the Overwatch game. The first of these tips is to know when to use Self-Destruct, which you can use to either finish an enemy or to disrupt their attention. You should avoid using Self-Destruct when you’re losing a fight, however. Save this powerful move for ult fights.

DVa is still a viable tank in the ladder, but it almost vanished from the high ranks during the double shield meta. Its weak spot against off tanks with shields, like Sigma, caused most players to abandon DVa. There are several strategies to maximize your DVa’s damage, and you should pair it with Winston if you’re looking to combine a DPS and a tank.

The second strategy is to use the boosters to your advantage. Boosters will give you massive mobility, but they should be used sparingly. Use them to reach difficult areas, dive on enemies with low HP, and protect your teammates. When used properly, Boosters will save your teammate’s life or overwhelm an adversary in a 2v1 firefight.

The third strategy is to choose your weapons wisely. D’Va’s kit is decent, and it has the best tool for controlling the enemy push and defense. You can also use the defense matrix to guard against almost any type of enemy. However, you should always remember to pick the right weapons at the right time. Choose the ones that will allow you to escape with little risk.

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