How to Take 360 Photos on iPhone

There are a few different ways to create 360-degree photos on your iPhone. One popular method involves using Google Photos. All you have to do is select your photos and then choose the 360-degree option. Another method involves using a third-party app, such as Panoramio or Street View. These apps allow you to create panoramic photographs by stitching multiple photos together.


After capturing a 360-degree panorama, you can upload it to Facebook or another service. Just make sure that the file has metadata associated with it. This will make your photo more accessible to viewers. It’s important to be aware of Facebook’s guidelines when posting 360-degree photos.

If you don’t have a tripod, you can use the camera’s built-in tripod. This will help you keep your iPhone still, and also prevent tremors and shakes. Keep in mind that the quality of your photos will be low at first, but if you practice, you can make a 360-degree panorama.

To create a 360-degree panorama, you can use the Google Street View app on your iPhone. First, you must install the app. You can do so from the App Store. You can find the app by searching for it. Then, tap on the GET or Install option and follow the directions. After the app has downloaded, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the app to completely process the photo.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can take a 360-degree panorama of your surroundings. Google Street View is a popular option for taking 360-degree photos on iPhone, but it’s not the only option. Google Street View is also available for Android devices.

Camera 360

Camera 360 is a top-rated photo app for the iPhone. Its unique features include control over exposure, tap-to-focus, and spot metering. It also lights up pictures based on user input. It was chosen as the top camera app for the iPhone 3G and is now available for the iPhone 7.

It is possible to recover deleted photos from Camera 360 from an iCloud or iTunes backup. If you cannot find the deleted photos on your iPhone, you can use an app to recover them from your computer. This application will recover deleted Camera 360 photos from Android devices as well. It guarantees 100% recovery. The software also recovers photos from jailbroken or deleted iOS devices.

Besides being a great camera accessory, the Camera 360 on iPhone is also compatible with social media apps. It allows you to take panoramic photos and 360-degree videos. Hovering your finger over the screen reveals 360-degree views. Moreover, it can also be used with VR headsets. These features make it a must-have camera accessory for the iPhone.

There are various camera apps available for the iPhone that allow you to record 360-degree videos. The best one for iPhone users is Insta360 Nano. It features smooth stabilization and 5.7K video resolution. It also allows you to create a cinematic video in minutes. It also uses Real Audio, which improves the clarity of the audio.

Insta360 Nano

There are several ways to create 360-degree images with your iPhone. You can use a special app to capture panoramas, or you can use the Google Photos app to stitch several photos into a 360-degree image. A 3D printer and software are also available to help you create three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional images.

First, you’ll need an app designed to create panoramas. This can be an app for your iPhone or an Android phone. A panorama app like WidsMob Panorama is designed to create 360-degree images. It offers tile, vertical, and horizontal modes, and has other useful features. The app also includes a panoramic preview tool, which lets you view each photo before stitching it together.

Another option is Google Street View, which is available for Android and iOS devices. The app will let you take 360-degree photos, and it will also allow you to share them on Facebook. This option is staggered, so you can’t download it right away. But once it’s ready, you can download the application from the App Store. There are even free versions of the app. This is a great option for anyone who’s interested in taking 360-degree photos.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can start shooting. You’ll see a gray background with a verticle rectangle and a circle in between. After a few minutes, you’ll have enough 360-degree images to share with your friends. Just remember to turn off the camera once you’ve found all the 360-degree photos you want.

Facebook has a built-in app that allows users to create panoramas. If you’re trying to post your panorama on Facebook, you won’t be able to look up and down in the photo, but you can do this by tilting your iPhone.


One of the best ways to create 360-degree photos on your iPhone is to use the Google Photos app. You can select your favorite photos and select the option “create a 360-degree photo.” If you want to take 360-degree photos of your surroundings, you can download the Street View or Panoramio apps and use those to create the images.

Another good way to take 360-degree photos is to use the WidsMob Panorama app. It supports horizontal, tile, and vertical panoramas, and has multiple editing tools. You can upload your pictures directly to the app, or you can upload them using your desktop. The app supports both JPEG and RAW formats from digital cameras.

If you don’t want to spend money on a dedicated 360-degree camera, you can download the 360 Cities app and take a 360-degree panorama on your iPhone. It is a simple but effective app that will let you create panoramic photos. Once you have a panorama, you can use the app to edit and stitch your photos.

Facebook also supports 360-degree photos on its social networking site. If you’d like to share your 360-degree photos on Facebook, you can simply post the photos to the Facebook app. Just make sure the panorama is full-length. Unlike other apps, the default Camera app isn’t precise enough when it comes to measuring the width of panoramic photos. Usually, a full-length panorama is enough for Facebook’s requirements.

Another option for creating 360-degree photos on your iPhone is to use the Google Street View app. You can download the app to your iPhone or Android smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen. During this process, you have to hold your phone in the right position and point it at a dot. Once you’ve done that, you can upload the 360-degree photo to social media sites or embed it into your website.


The Microsoft Photosynth app is an excellent option for taking 360-degree photos. The app has many useful features and can also be used to stitch together photos. However, the app is only available for Windows Phones with 512MB of RAM. You can download the Photosynth app for Windows Phones from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Photosynth is a free app and is an indispensable tool for taking 360-degree photos. All you need to do is point the camera to the scene you want to capture, then begin panning slowly. Once you’ve finished, you can crop the photo in the app or save it to your camera roll. The app also comes with new social features.

Photosynth also makes it easy to share panoramas with other people. The app allows you to share panoramic images via iOS’s camera roll and even upload interactive versions to Facebook and Bing Maps. The app requires iOS 4.0 or later. It can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

Another major feature of Photosynth is the ability to zoom in. This is especially useful if you’re trying to get a close look at something, such as a building. Photosynth supports both landscape and portrait photos. The app uses touch-screen gestures to start and stop capturing a panorama. Users are encouraged to shoot more than one panorama per scene, which reduces the appearance of seams.

The photosynth app is another helpful app for taking 360 photos on iPhone. It combines several single images into a single large photo, and also lets you paint a panoramic photo onto a grid. It also allows you to paint panoramas on a grid to help you guide your photo. You can also choose between horizontal and vertical captures. You can also save the 360 panorama immediately after taking it.

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