How to Train a Dragon – Dragon Party Games and Decorations

Learning how to train a dragon isn’t as easy as you think, but the process is much simpler if you’ve chosen to have a party. You’ll need some supplies for the party. Here’s a list of them. Also, check out our list of Dragon Party Games and Decorations.

Easy food ideas for a dragon-themed party

If you’re looking for easy food ideas for a dragon-themed party, there are many delicious options to choose from. Many people love the TV show Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling series of books. You can celebrate the show’s popularity by hosting a party based on the characters and warring families of the show. Here are some of the best recipes that you can make to commemorate the show.

First, you need supplies. While it may not be as fun as raising a real dragon, you can easily make dragon food and decorations yourself. The supplies you need are listed below. You can even ask your child to help you with the food preparation. Once you have the supplies you need, it’s time to start planning your party.


Dragon-themed birthday parties can be enchanting and magical for the birthday child. Choose appropriate decorations to make the event memorable. You can use dragon-themed banners, streamers, and giant dragon pinatas to decorate the party. You can also use dragon cupcake toppers and other dragon-themed party supplies.

If you’re planning to have a dragon-themed birthday party, you can purchase a dragon-shaped cake from the supermarket. Red velvet is a good cake batter for this theme. You can also prepare fire roasted marshmallows on kabob sticks. You can also buy personalized products like invitations and party favors.

For decorations, you can use dragon-shaped banners and swirls. They can be made from quality cardstock and printed on an advanced digital machine. They feature bright colors and novel shapes and will last through several parties. You can also purchase dragon-shaped balloons that are made of latex. They can be filled with helium to add more dimension and beauty.

If you’re having a dragon-themed party, dragon-themed centerpieces are a great way to decorate the tables. Not only will they make your event more interesting, but they will also impress your guests. There are various dragon-shaped dragon centerpieces available in the market that can be used as table decor and photo booth props.

Cheese puff balls are another great decoration that you can use. These can be packaged in glass jars and are a hit among kids. You can also make DIY shields that the guests can color for their favors. Alternatively, you can color a knight’s mask. They can be handed out as party favors.


To make your party fit the dragon theme, you can play dragon tail games. First, everyone must line up in a line holding hands at the waist. The person in front is called the head of the dragon, and his job is to try to catch the tail of the person in the back of the line, who will then have to tag him and catch the tail. If he manages to do this, he wins the game!

Next, find a toy dragon. You can purchase these online for less than $10. Another great game is “Simon Says” where players try to get their gliders through a ring of fire. To make the game more exciting, add a plastic hoop to the area to make it appear as a dragon.

Another fun dragon party game is the dragon feeding game. You can get a bean bag toss game that includes cutouts of dragons. The kids will throw fish bean bags into the holes to feed the dragons. You can also play a game called catch the dragons, where kids try to catch a dragon. You can also use a small net to collect the dragons.

Games to train a dragon party should be fun for the entire family. Games like Pin the Fire on the Dragon will keep kids busy, and make the party a memorable one! There are also costumes for the dragons that are available. If your kids are adventurous, this is the perfect party theme for them.

A dragon egg hunt is another fun activity for kids. It is a fun spin on the classic easter egg hunt. You’ll need gold, silver, or metallic eggs for the eggs, as well as paper or clay scales for the eggs. If you want to make it a little more elaborate, you can also buy dragon themed candy.


There are many ways to decorate a dragon-themed party, and one of them is with a dragon-shaped cake. To make a dragon-shaped cake, you can use light green fondant. Print and cut out the dragon graphics. Then, using bamboo skewers, insert the parts of the dragon. Once the cake is completely assembled, you can decorate it by adding candles to its mouth and adding a flame to its breath.

Zoila Lopez, a graphic designer and party stylist, created her son’s How to Train Your Dragon party, incorporating the theme’s natural elements. The theme’s color palette incorporated wood and rocks, while the cakes featured chocolate rocks and a toy Toothless. Zoila also used custom Viking candles and real wood wrappers for the cupcakes.

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