How to Turn on Swipe Text on iPhone

If you want to type quickly, you can turn on swipe to type on your iPhone. This typing feature allows you to swipe a finger across the keyboard instead of tapping on each letter one by one. It is faster and works with punctuation, too. To enable this feature, go to Settings > General > Slide to Type.

Slide to type is a typing feature on iPhone

Slide to type is a typing feature that is built into the Apple keyboard. You can choose to turn it off or enable it in the Settings app. Once enabled, it appears as predictive text above the keyboard. When you slide your finger up from the keyboard, the app will predict the current word you’re typing. You can then tap the prediction to choose it or continue typing. If you find Slide to Type annoying, you can turn it off and continue to type normally.

The slide to type feature isn’t available on every keyboard, so be sure to choose a keyboard that supports the feature. This feature works on the standard iPhone keyboard and the one-handed keyboard, but does not work on third-party keyboards. Also, it’s not available in every language. It also doesn’t appear to work on the iPad’s regular keyboard. However, you can pinch the keyboard to make it into a mini-one keyboard and use it for slide to type. The key to using slide to type is speed. If you’re not used to typing quickly, you may find the feature to be very frustrating.

You can toggle the Slide to Type feature in Settings. If you don’t want to turn it on, go to General > Keyboard. The option is near the bottom of the Keyboard settings menu. If you’re using iOS, you can toggle it to enable or disable the feature.

iOS automatically predicts words by using swipe gestures. However, you must stay in the general area of the letter before swiping. If the swipe ends in a word, the iOS keyboard will automatically add a space between the words. Once you have finished typing the word, you can return to typing normal text.

It lets you type a word by swiping

Apple recently enhanced the text manipulation features on the iPhone and iPadOS, including the new native swipe-based keyboard called QuickPath. It works similarly to SwiftKey, allowing you to type without removing your finger from the keyboard. If you swipe across the keyboard, you’ll see three different choices, including the word you’ve swiped. If the word you swiped is correct, the app will auto-select the next word.

The iOS 13 operating system includes a default setting that makes it easy to enable swipe typing. You don’t need to change any settings to enable this feature, so you don’t need to do anything. Simply swipe across the letters you want to type. For example, if you want to type “play,” you’ll swipe across the letters “p,” “l,” and “a.” Your keyboard will predict the word as you type.

If the feature doesn’t work for you, try resetting your iPhone settings. In many cases, multiple settings can be the culprit. Resetting your iPhone or iPad to factory defaults will resolve the problem. Just make sure to back up your data before performing this action, as the process can delete your content.

Another solution is to tap the keyboard and type words with two letters. Then, you’ll see a list of suggestions for the words you typed. Then, you can tap the one you want to insert. In addition, you can also use shortcuts to insert and complete sentences.

The iOS keyboard has two modes, emoji keyboard and normal keyboard. You can use the latter to type in your notes while keeping your fingers on the keyboard. For example, if you want to type in “Macworld”, you’ll tap M first and then move on to A and C. When you reach the end of the word, you can lift your finger again and start typing the next word.

Slide to type can be turned on and off by using the keyboard’s settings. Once you’ve turned this feature on, you’ll see predictive text above the keyboard. If you’re typing in the wrong word, you’ll see the prediction you’re typing. Tap the word to choose, or keep typing as normal. You can also delete whole words. The Delete Slide-to-Type by Word option is available only if Slide to Type is on.

It supports punctuation

If you have an iPhone, you may be wondering how to turn on swipe text on iPhone to support the punctuation you need to type. This feature is useful for people who are accustomed to typing with their right hand and need a shortcut to capitalize their words. The iPhone has an English dictionary built in, which can be used to check your spelling and suggest the appropriate punctuation mark as you type.

Swipe text is an alternative keyboard that lets you type without lifting your finger from the keyboard. This type of keyboard is similar to the one used on the iPad, where you pinch inwards to activate the floating keyboard. Swipe text automatically inserts a period and a space, and is also useful for data entry and coding.

iPhone users can also use Swipe Text to type their text messages. Toggling this feature on and off will allow you to dictate your message. If you are not comfortable typing, you can simply say the words into the microphone on the phone, and it will start typing the message for you. If you want to send a text message to someone else, you can even ask Siri to send the message.

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