How to Win Cultural Victory in Civil War 6

In Civ 6, you can gain a cultural victory by developing tourism, trade, and world wonders. There are a few ways to go about doing this, so let’s dive in! First, you need to Ally with a Cultural City-State. This can be achieved by stealing Alliances with Gold or staging a coup in a City-State. However, note that Culture from the Cultural City-State does not directly help your Civ win the game. It lowers your Cultural output per turn, which can make it more difficult to win. This is where Tourism comes into play, as it can overcome a Civ’s cumulative Cultural output faster.


To win Cultural Victory, you need to increase Tourism and Culture in your country. This can be achieved by having large numbers of foreign tourists in your country. The more Foreign Tourists you can generate, the more influence you will have in other countries. If you are able to increase Tourism and Culture, you will be able to win Cultural Victory faster.

The best way to gain a Culture Victory is to capture the Wonders that have tourist and cultural bonuses. For example, the Forbidden City, Christo Redentor, the Sydney Opera House, and the Colosseum will all give you a +2 bonus to tourism. You can also combine these Wonders with the Eiffel Tower, which gives a +2 appeal bonus to all tiles in three hexes.

You can also generate a lot of Culture by forming long-term alliances with Civ and Cultural CS. These alliances can bring in thousands of Culture over the course of a game. But this will require a lot of work on your part. You need to be able to plan ahead and pick the right policies for the right time.

Culture is essential to win a Cultural Victory. It can also give you easier paths to victory. When you build unique buildings in your cities, you will also gain more Civic Tree Inspirations.


If you want to win a Culture Victory, you must increase Tourism as much as possible. The more Tourism you have, the more Influence you have on other civilizations. For this reason, you should build lots of Tourist Attractions and Civic Tree Inspiration boosts. Tourism can even surpass your Culture total.

The best way to achieve a Culture Victory is by using the Reliquaries Belief, which boosts Tourism per turn. Using this Belief early in the game can lead to a Culture Victory. But you must collect lots of Relics, spread Religion effectively, unlock Belief quickly, and beat rivals. And you must also make sure to unlock the Enlightenment Civic to make this bet worthwhile.

The Culture Victory screen lets you view Tourism-per-turn and Total Tourism from Civs. It also shows you Modifiers and their effects on Tourism. The Tourism-per-turn number is the one that represents the amount of Tourism your Civs are receiving each turn.

Another way to boost Tourism is to build walls around your city. They not only generate Tourism, but also protect your city against enemy attacks. To build a wall, you must first unlock the Conservation Civic. Using Ancient Walls will earn you 1 Tourism, Medieval Walls will earn you two, and Renaissance Walls will give you three. When you unlock Nationalist, you can also build a National Park and other things. Once you have these, you’ll have a better chance of winning the game with a cultural victory.

World Wonders

When you are trying to win a Cultural Victory in Civil War 6, you can use Wonders, Districts, Specialists, and other buildings to boost your Culture. Shrine and Temples also provide Culture equal to their intrinsic Faith output. Suzerains also grant 10% Culture per City-State and +1 Culture per adjacent land tile. Furthermore, Trade Routes and Foreign Cities give you +1 Culture for every three Civics you are ahead of the destination city.

One of the keys to winning a Cultural Victory is to build as many Tourist Attractions as possible. This will earn you a lot of Tourism per turn and prevent other Civs from winning the Culture Victory. Similarly, you should try to earn as many Civic Tree Inspiration boosts as possible.

As long as you are building Wonders, you can increase your Tourism-per-turn by building Great Works. For example, a Film Studio will give you +100% Tourism-per-turn compared to other Civs. In addition, a Civ with a Trade Route will receive a +50% bonus to Tourism.

Another way to gain a Cultural Victory is to build a wide empire. This will enable you to access more artifacts and more slots for great works of art. Additionally, a wide empire will also be able to support a larger military, which is important when it comes to deterring war. Finally, a wide empire will have better science output, which will give your Civs an edge in the game.


One of the best ways to trade for Culture is by acquiring more influence and spies. These two traits will increase your ability to trade and steal technology. Also, these traits will allow you to use your votes in World Congress to pass Tourism proposals and increase your Culture. However, be sure to not neglect the Military as this can hinder your chances of achieving a cultural victory.

A cultural victory is achieved when your civilization is the most visited by tourists. There are many factors that can increase your Tourism. Artifacts, Great Works, Sea Resorts, Trade Routes, and Wonders can all increase your Tourism yield. In addition, if you have a computer, you can double your Tourism yields.

After you’ve gained your first experience in Cultural Victory, you’ll want to improve your strategy to maximize your chance of winning the game. Remember that achieving this goal depends on having the right combination of Civs in your game and preventing other players from gaining Culture on each turn. In addition, you’ll want to focus on tourism, so that you can maintain your Capital.

To gain a Cultural Victory, you must increase the number of foreign tourists in your country. You do this by generating more foreign tourists than you have domestic tourists. For example, Egypt has 45 domestic tourists, so you need to produce 46 foreign tourists to win. You can find this information underneath your leader’s name. The higher the number is, the more you need to increase it.

Inventing the Internet

Inventing the Internet is a key strategy for gaining Cultural Victory in Civil War 6. Using it to boost your economy will increase your Tourism per turn, allowing you to use this currency to buy more Relics and boost your tourism. However, to make this strategy work, you need to collect lots of Relics early on, spread your Religion well, and unlock the Belief quickly. Then, you must beat your rivals and close trade and borders to unlock the Enlightenment Civic.

While you’re building your Tourist Attractions, make sure you use Tourism Modifiers to earn as much Tourism per turn as possible. In particular, you should use Tourism Modifiers to boost the amount of Foreign Tourists that your Civs can receive. You’ll also want to use Civic Tree Inspiration to earn as many Tourism boosts as you can each turn. Finally, build up your Culture to prevent other Civs from winning Culture Victory.

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