iPhone Add Ons – Facetune, Afterlight, Instasize, and MagSafe

There are countless options for iPhone add ons, but we’ll focus on four of the most popular today: Facetune, Afterlight, Instasize, and MagSafe. Which is the best? How do you use these products? Read on to learn more. In this article we’ll cover the pros and cons of each. Afterlight is our top pick, but it’s worth checking out Instasize as well.


When it comes to editing photos and videos, Facetune is a great iPhone add on. It is capable of identifying faces in any image, including multi-person selfies. The app places thin brackets around faces to aid in the recognition process. While it often correctly identifies faces facing the camera, it can sometimes miss a face when it’s turned to one side or two people are together. You can also use the app to blur the background in professional headshots.

With Facetune, you can enhance and clean up any photo, even the portrait. While the software does not offer professional-quality results, it is a fun way to enhance your photographs without having to spend money on expensive photo editing software. It allows you to use filters, sharpen and correct blemishes, and retouch your portraits. This software works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is optimized for the iPhone 5.

Another major feature of Facetune is that it is free of charge. Although Facetune is not free, the app is only $2.99, and there is pushback in the iTunes review section. In addition, Facetune 2 offers a wealth of free features and add-ons. Among these are Light FX, Auto, Reshape, Vibrance, and B&W. In addition to the free features, Facetune 2 has many other features for which you can download it.


The Afterlight add-on for iPhone combines the editing capabilities of a professional photo editing app with the portability of your iPhone. The app connects to your iPhone camera roll and lets you select an image from the library. Afterlight has a user-friendly interface with icons clearly labeled for quick navigation. Afterlight supports RAW images up to 6144 x 6144 pixels, and you can export the files in HEIC format for greater compression. Other features include a built-in camera with manual settings, self-timer, and tools to modify the grid.

Afterlight is a great tool for iPhone photographers who want to create stunning photographs. The app offers a simple interface with an array of tools and filters that are similar to those found in popular photo editing programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. Its presets can be saved and named, and you can choose the photo from the camera roll to edit. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the icons represent various editing functions. You can also add text, artwork, or frames to your images.

Afterlight comes with a large selection of pre-made presets, which are available for free in the App Store. These presets fall into three categories: Original, Guest, and Seasons. Original presets have a vintage look while Guest presets were made by photographers from around the world. Russ is one of the most popular Afterlight presets. The Seasons category has presets for different seasons.


To download the Instasize iPhone add-on, go to the App Store and search for “instasize.” Tap on the download icon to get the latest version. You will need to sign in to your Apple ID to start using the app. Once signed in, tap the “+” button to add a photo. From there, select a format from your camera roll. Once you have finished selecting photos, tap “Send” to send them to the app.

The Instasize app is a powerful photo editing tool that can crop, resize, edit, and add text overlays to photos. The application offers over 80 filters (though some are available only to premium users), which you can choose from. Users can also select from a wide variety of color gradient presets to create the perfect effects for their pictures. Additionally, users can mark their favorite filters for quick access. Premium members can access exclusive content from social influencers.

Instasize has many features and is the perfect choice for people who like to show off their artistic side. The app has over 80 premium filters, collage options, and beauty touchup tools. This app is one of the first to provide square videos for Instagram. Instasize was released to the public in 2012 and has already earned an impressive reputation. With more than two million downloads, it has a great chance of retaining its top spot in the app store.

Belkin’s MagSafe

If you’ve been searching for a wireless charger for your iPhone, then the latest one from Belkin might be just what you’re looking for. The Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with MagSafe supports charging your iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods simultaneously. This accessory is one of the first official MagSafe charging options from a third party. It also supports fast charging of your iPhone 12 and 13 at 15W.

The Belkin MagSafe iPhone add on is designed to simplify wireless charging and create more exciting accessories, such as magnetic car vent mounts, fitness monitors, and face motion trackers. With its unique magnetic system, the iPhone is safe and ready for any activity. It’s the perfect wireless charging companion for your iPhone. No other wireless charging accessory will make life easier than the MagSafe. Whether you’re in the gym or doing yoga, your phone will always be within reach with a MagSafe-compatible charger.

The MagSafe iPhone add-on is compatible with any iPhone model, including the iPhone 12. The MagSafe iPhone add-on is a small, ring-like grip that fits snugly around the iPhone and charges your phone at the same time. Its magnets stay aligned and don’t interfere with charging your Apple Watch. And it doesn’t require any tools to use. It’s also a good choice for travel and for a desk or bedroom.

SandMarc Camera Lenses

SANDMARC is a popular brand of GoPro camera accessories. The company is quickly entering the iPhone lens market. Their iPhone add-on kit contains four lenses: 16mm wide lens, 60mm telephoto lens with 2x magnification, and 25mm macro lens with 10x magnification. Each lens is compatible with an iPhone’s camera and comes with a corresponding carrying case.

The SANDMARC lenses are compatible with the iPhone 12 Series. They are accompanied by a special case that includes an aluminum threaded mount. The Telephoto lens makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max 60mm equivalent. The Wide Lens creates shots with a wider field than the iPhone camera. SANDMARC’s iPhone add-ons are available in three different colors. You can purchase any combination of lenses that works best with your camera.

iPhone users will be happy to know that Sandmarc makes lens for iPhones. Their iPhone camera lenses are compatible with both iPhone X and Note 8 models. However, they are a bit less expensive than Moment lenses. If you are looking for a high-quality lens for your iPhone, look no further than Moment. They are made of metal and glass elements. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, Sandmarc is the way to go.

Anker’s 5,000mAh portable power bank

While Anker’s 5000mAh portable power bank for iPhone add ons is thin and stylish, it’s also incredibly unobtrusive. It snaps magnetically to the back of the iPhone, and is compatible with MagSafe and iPhone 12 and 13 models. Because it supports wireless charging, you can use it with your Apple device while out and about. If you’re concerned about your battery life, you might want to invest in a power bank that has a bigger capacity, like the 20,000mAh Anker PowerCore.

The Anker PowerCore 5000 is similar to the Anker PowerCore 5K, but it is smaller and more compact. It is a candy bar sized power bank that can be easily stored in a wallet. It also features dual USB-A ports, a feature that’s useful for charging two devices at the same time. It also comes with an LED indicator, so you can see how much power it has left.

Another 5,000mAh power bank for iPhone is the Anker PowerCore 20. It’s a great option for those who want a powerful power bank that won’t take up too much space. For its price, it offers a lot of juice. A full charge of an iPhone XS will take about two hours. If you’re on the go for hours, this portable power bank can keep your phone charged for up to five hours. Anker has also implemented some great features that make it easy to use.

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