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Spotify has launched a new feature called Spotify Wrapped that allows you to create customized mini reports based on your music tastes. You can also view your music taste history over the past year with this new feature. If you’re a new subscriber, check out these steps to get started. In addition to creating personalized mini reports, Spotify Wrapped also allows you to create stories.

Story Archive

The Spotify Story Archive for Instagram is a new addition to the Instagram app. This feature lets you create videos with music playing in the background. To record a video, first select a song and then record. Once you’ve finished recording, you can add text and GIFs to make the video more exciting. Then, you can publish the finished product.

After creating a story, you can edit and share it with others. Spotify has made the process of sharing songs easier and more interactive. You can also embed songs from Spotify into your Instagram Story. To do this, sign in to your account using the app. Then, tap on the “Instagram Stories” option in the settings menu.

Another advantage of using the Spotify Story Archive is that users can save multiple versions of their stories. These stories are then stored on Instagram’s server, and they don’t take up any space on your phone. It’s also possible to archive your Instagram stories. You can do this on Android and iOS devices.

While Spotify’s Wrapped feature was available for only a few days, the new feature is already becoming very popular. It’s a way to showcase the best albums, artists, genres, and songs of the year. The new feature has even spread to other social media platforms.

Audio Aura

Spotify Audio Aura has rolled out across its service in its mobile apps, starting with the Android app. It works by placing a banner at the top of the Home tab that displays the most popular tracks and artists. It will also feature playlists of the most-streamed tracks by artists and podcast hosts. The new feature will also be accessible on iOS devices.

The idea behind Spotify Audio Aura is to create a visual representation of the user’s mood based on their music listening habits. To do so, a user is given a custom-made color swatch that describes the main mood they’re in. A bright red aura signifies a high-energy mood, while a blue aura means that the user is calm and mellow.

Spotify worked with Mystic Michaela, an aura reader and host of the Know Your Aura podcast, to create the Audio Aura feature. She helped Spotify design a spectrum and assigned different colors to six mood categories. The feature enables users to listen to two different audio moods. For example, purple is a mood that suits people who like music passionately. They tune in to be entertained and move.

Blend feature

Previously, Spotify’s Blend feature was limited to a single user. Now, it can generate a playlist for up to 10 friends, taking into account everyone’s different music tastes. You can choose your friends’ favorites, as well as songs you already know and love. Once you’ve made a playlist, you can share it on social media.

To get started, you can invite your friends to try out Spotify’s Blend feature. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can access the Blend feature by visiting the Made for You hub in your mobile app. From there, you can invite your friends to join the Spotify Blend feature and listen to the playlists together. When friends join the playlist, they’ll be able to see a personalized track list and cover art based on their taste and listening habits. Once the playlist is ready, you can share it on Twitter or Instagram.

In addition to Blend, Spotify is introducing a new feature called Only You, which focuses on your favorite music and listening habits. The new feature will also allow you to share your Blends with your friends on social networks. By sharing the content with your friends, you’ll help them discover new music and discover new songs as well.

Mega-fan status

Spotify has started a feature called “Top Fans” that will notify you if you’ve become one of the top 1% of fans of an artist. You can check your Top Fans status by clicking the “Get Notification” button. These notifications will show you which artists and songs are most popular with other Spotify users.

Those who have reached this status can also post pictures of themselves listening to music on Spotify. They’ll be notified when someone likes a song they’re listening to. This can be a great way to get in touch with other fans of the artist. Spotify will give the fans a shoutout if they post a screenshot of their playlist or a video that shows them listening to an album.

Sharing on Instagram

If you’ve got an Instagram account, you can easily share music via Spotify. You can select your favorite songs and choose to add them to your Instagram stories. In addition to uploading your favorite songs, you can add captions and graphics to your posts. If you’re not comfortable using Instagram’s photo-sharing tools, you can also turn to other apps.

Spotify’s new sharing feature lets you share your songs and playlists with your Instagram friends. You can tap on the “Share” icon in the Now Playing bar above your menu bar. This opens the Instagram mobile app. You can add stickers, text, or GIFs to your Instagram Stories. You can even use the new stickers to decorate your story.

While it’s possible to post photos or videos with Spotify, you can also share content from other apps. Spotify and GoPro have introduced the feature, and other apps are expected to follow suit soon. With the new feature, users can share content from other apps to Instagram directly from their camera or by sending it to their accounts via Direct. This means you don’t have to connect your Instagram account to other apps to share content on Instagram.

Spotify also offers a way for you to add music to your Instagram stories. By using its mobile app, you can search for a song you like and add it to your Instagram story. Once you’ve done this, you can edit your story and post it. This will also give your followers a direct link back to your Spotify account.


If you’re a regular user of the Spotify app, you’ve probably seen the Spotify Wrapped graphic. This is a visual representation of all of your listening habits. When you see the Spotify Wrapped graphic, you can click through to your favorite highlights and see what you’re listening to in a whole new way. To share the graphic with other users, just click the “Share This Story” button.

Spotify Wrapped also allows you to share your music with your friends, who can listen to your music. You can save your top 100 tracks and share them with your friends, and you can also share personalized cards with your friends with music information. The feature even allows you to see what your friends are listening to, which you can find useful when deciding what kind of music to play.

While Spotify’s Wrapped feature isn’t exactly a “trend” or an innovation, it is still a useful tool for artists to stay in front of their fans. However, to be able to utilize the full benefits of Spotify Wrapped, you need a substantial following and active engagement on social media.


If you’re one of the millions of people on Instagram, you’ve probably seen plenty of Instagram posts featuring music from your friends. Some listen to Spotify for free, while others have a premium subscription. And then there are the folks who spend the year crafting their playlists, curating their Spotify Wrapped, and sharing their favorite tunes with the world. The music industry is huge, and your friends’ feeds are filled with the latest listening trends. Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, BTS, and Justin Bieber are just a few of the artists whose albums have been featured in the last year.

Spotify Wrapped is a great way to stay relevant with your fans. It requires a large following and frequent posting. The purpose of this program is to keep your music at the forefront of fans’ minds. Moreover, you’ll have to be active on social media to get the most out of Spotify’s new feature.

The Spotify Wrapped experience is a good way to share the latest tracks and albums from your playlists with your friends. It also provides users with social media-friendly features, such as sharing the auto-created image to their timeline and TikTok accounts. This will make Spotify’s content more engaging for its audience, sparking discussion among friends and providing valuable marketing for the brand.

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